Muscle cars are cool, but think of the typical muscle car owner in the post-Barrett-Jackson world. It’s a fat, balding white guy that owns the car simply for the bragging rights that never actually drives the thing because he has to keep it “low mileage”. Cool muscle car owners are such a rarity anymore that Mike… » 4/27/15 3:00pm Today 3:00pm

Veloster Turbo. It’s a funky asymetric 3-door hatch with a turbo 1.6L! On paper, it’s damn near a Fiesta ST. But, no. Not anywhere close. I’ve yet to hear a single good thing about the driving experience.
» 4/27/15 12:08pm Today 12:08pm

I don’t care if it makes me 15 years old and goes against years of being a Mustang/Ford guy, I love this. Seeing the C5.Rs going down the back straight of Sears Point in ALMS was one of my formative moments as a car guy. I’d put on in my driveway if I could afford it. » 4/24/15 1:56pm Friday 1:56pm

Crack pipe. 5S-FE Camry engine is not “engaging” and the non-turbo S motors have oiling problems. I’ve popped one myself (windowed the block in a 3S-FE in a Camry Alltrac). This price is no-man’s land for an SW20, too much for an N/A, too cheap for a turbo. » 4/24/15 12:38pm Friday 12:38pm

He doesn’t drive them? Than this is a perfect collection for him. Much better some boring-ass supercars rotting away than a collection of cool, rare, interesting cars being sucked into a black hole of never being enjoyed even by a passer-by on the street. » 4/23/15 1:43pm Thursday 1:43pm

Good. No one writing the reviews seemed to understand the number system anyway. It said very specifically that 5 was supposed to mean completely average, nothing really good or bad, but nearly every single review had something like “X is terrible and scary and I had no confidence driving this car because of it: I give… » 4/22/15 2:36pm Wednesday 2:36pm

I don’t really get why anyone would buy the Windows version of this. I mean, that’s not true, yes I do. People are afraid of Linux because they think it’s big and scary and complicated. But this kind of device I just don’t see selling to people who won’t at least give Linux a shot. And the Linux version is… » 4/22/15 12:47pm Wednesday 12:47pm

I can’t imagine that in a world where Netflix and Amazon are ramping up original content that the execs at either aren’t willing to Thunderdome their own mothers to get a Clarkson-headed car show under their respective brand. » 4/20/15 5:23pm 4/20/15 5:23pm

I actually really dig the way the lights go up the stanchions. I just don’t know that it wouldn’t look completely silly in real world conditions. It looks cool as *fuck* with that scifi background, but driving across I80 in Reno with that dirty-ass mostly-melted spring snow? In afternoon gridlock on the 210? It’s… » 4/17/15 4:10pm 4/17/15 4:10pm

Did it replace the hideous early C4 digital dash? I swear, that’s the biggest thing that drives me away from the C4. I’ll deal with the crossfire injection, but that dash staring back at me is part of my personal hell. » 4/10/15 6:52pm 4/10/15 6:52pm

“production version will have five doors” Whelp, there goes whatever interest I had. A lifted 2-door liftback is a laudable attempt to add diversity to the marketplace. A lifted 5-door is a “me-too” car. » 4/10/15 11:47am 4/10/15 11:47am