There's lots of duplication on this list. I'm not sure why the 2.3T-powered fox-bodies, the GM '80s Turbo-V6s, and the turbo K-cars aren't just rolled into a single entry for each group. Maybe the Typhoon/Syclone deserves a separate mention from the GNX/TurboFirebird as one was the turbo 4.3L with AWD and the others… » 10/31/14 2:14pm Today 2:14pm

X5M is on my short list of potential post-lottery-winning DDs. I just really like the idea of something that will do 0-60 in 4 seconds while hauling 3 people and 200 pounds of dogs in comfort and can ignore chain controls.

I don't get why the X6M is more, though. That seems weird that there's a $4k premium on having… » 10/29/14 7:37pm Wednesday 7:37pm

Was the LFA really intended as a halo car, though? I thought the LFA was an excuse to develop a bunch of new tech with the intent of trickling it down through the line-up. Toyota bragged more about the new carbon fiber loom they developed for making the windshield supports than they did the LFA's performance numbers.… » 10/28/14 2:51pm Tuesday 2:51pm

I hate shit like this. When my kid is old enough to drive, if I don't trust them enough to drive well unless they're being spied on, I don't trust them enough to be out in a car. I'd rather they gain competency on an autocross course and then have a vehicle they can't do anything too awful stupid in rather than being… » 10/28/14 1:56pm Tuesday 1:56pm

You know what? Give it a proper modern wheel/tire package, make the wheel covers actually fit the body, and I like it. It looks different, but in a future-retro-luxury kind of way. It looks like what I imagine a flying Caddy in the world of Fifth Element would.

It's certainly leaps and bounds above the whiskered… » 10/27/14 2:28pm Monday 2:28pm

Honda: Past performance doesn't dictate current performance.
Toyota: Why be different?
Ford: BoooooST!
Hyundai: Look past perception.
BMW: For a good time, call M67-53oDrive
Mercedes: Toyotas for a... better... class of people.
AMG: How it should have been built in the first place.
Subaru: 911… » 10/27/14 1:29pm Monday 1:29pm

"They're not supposed to use the sniffer on anything 2001 or newer." Source? The only year disparities I'm aware of are that anything pre-OBDII has to also do a pressure/leak test of the fuel system and anything less than 6 MY old (or MY '75 and older) is exempt from biannual inspections. » 10/21/14 4:16pm 10/21/14 4:16pm